Case Study


Case Study


Putting a kind face on a faceless industry

UCare has been a Minnesota brand for 35 years, but even as the fourth largest regional health plan, it had only 28% awareness. Not an enviable position with giants like Humana and UnitedHealthcare entering the market. A situation made even more urgent with Medicare rules providing a once-in-a-decade opportunity to significantly raise UCare Medicare membership in 2018.


Qualitative research showed it was impossible for consumers to differentiate brands in the category. Market gorillas Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Partners and United Health Group dominated share and awareness, while scrappy UCare, though beloved by their own members, was largely overlooked and misunderstood. Our opportunity was to turn the UCare team’s “good guy” reality into a visible business advantage, and, with changing Medicare rules, recruit Medicare members away from other health plans.


UCare is your health plan advocate, actively working on your behalf, so you have access to the health care you need.


We literally put a face on UCare health plans, first by modernizing and updating their entire brand identity. And then celebrating the hustle and high-energy teamwork of their staff by literally sending them out on a five-person tandem bike to answer people’s health care questions all across the state. We created a documentary and editorial feeling in the work, educating and building authentic energy for UCare’s “People powered health plans.”


UCare reached their aggressive membership goal of 30,000 new members for Medicare. 2018 saw unprecedented 10% membership growth for the entire company. Employee satisfaction scores are up 11%. An awareness follow-up study is planned for 2019.

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