The Shed Fitness Studio

With limited funds for paid media, The Shed Fitness Studio needed to differentiate itself in a crowded market.


The average person does not have washboard abs, a perfect tan or the help of Photoshop to instantly “whip” them into shape. Yet, this describes the typical fitness ad. Knowing that feelings of self-consciousness pose a barrier to fitness, The Shed Fitness Studio wanted to stand for something real.


Bring the no-frills, approachable atmosphere of The Shed Fitness Studio to life and engage people of all fitness levels.


The #SweatbeardChallenge embraces the fact that a real workout isn’t glamorous. It’s sweaty and raw. The attention-getting social media challenge empowered people to take pride in their hard-earned sweat. And invited them to show their sweatbeard.


  • With a minimal media spend less than $230, the campaign earned nearly 172,000 impressions and over 8,000 engagements on social media.
  • The one-month challenge earned a 284% return on investment and increased The Shed Fitness Studio class attendance by 28% over the previous year.
222 First Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
T: 612. 843. 4000
F: 612. 399. 9970
Park free against the back of our building in the 2-story garage. Look for the orange PK signs. Ring the bell to the right of the back door.