Case Study

Pure Fishing

Case Study

Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing is a global leader in the industry. Their Berkley Gulp! and Power Bait brands are revolutionary soft bait that outperforms live bait test after test. Our year two challenge? Drive sales among avid anglers.


Expert bass anglers across the U.S. told us they learned over the years to “think like a fish” and select their bait based on that experience. They deeply respected the top bass pros.


If you think like a fish, Gulp! and PowerBait are unequalled. Gulp! – with 400 times more scent dispersion than plastic baits, draws fish like a blood trail for finesse fishing. And PowerBait – with natural shapes and lifelike action, amps-up aggressive power fishing.


“Be the fish” became the Berkley mantra. Using top fishing pros Mike Iaconelli and Skeet Reese literally becoming the fish they seek – our print and TV made the ubiquitous “pro endorsements” entertaining while showing (not just telling) the effect Berkley bait has on bass.


• Campaign resulted in first-year sales nearly double that of the previous year.
• The pros were so happy they licensed bait exclusives with Berkley.

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