Pick ‘n Save

As the market leader with 70-stores in Wisconsin, Pick ‘n Save was under aggressive price attack by Walmart and losing both sales and market share.


Pick ‘n Save’s advantage over the big box retailers was its fresh foods. The store needed a brand overhaul and a new service focus to compete in the increasingly hyper-competitive grocery landscape.


Show the target a fresh and inspiring shopping experience. Rally employees to make the changes necessary to earn and affirm the core customer’s identity as a smart, creative and caring mom.


New every day. These three words reflected the focus on freshness and the target’s creativity without resorting to the word “fresh,” that most overused of grocery cliches. New every day became the re-invention mantra for Pick ‘n Save employees.


  • Within the campaign’s first month, sales in the 14-store Milwaukee test market were up 500 basis points, reversing a 3-year downward trend. 
  • Consumer satisfaction surveys showed a 6% rise after the first 8-week cycle.
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