Case Study

Par Aide

Case Study

Par Aide

Par Aide is the U.S. leader in premium golf course accessories. But recent low-priced-competitor improvements were hurting sales. Our challenge was to help retake the design high ground, support industry influencers and deepen our relationship with Golf Course superintendents.


Golf Course superintendent’s jobs are on the line season after season. “You’re only as good as your last round” is an axiom they live with, made even more difficult with downward budget pressure. Par Aide needed to show how their designs and relationships make this impossible job easier.


Par Aide makes your job easier with unsurpassed support and superior design and materials for a better long-term ROI.


A first of its kind app from Par Aide helps superintendents track everything from growing days, to turf application timing, to ordering cadence, to allowing photo journaling of course problems and solutions. Meanwhile print stood out in “greens and fairways” heavy publications highlighting Par Aide’s timeless and superior designs.


High impact print led to the highest readership scores in three industry pubs. Par Aide 2019 equipment sales were 4% up in a flat overall market.

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