Case Study


Case Study


A secret weapon to conquer your world?

NoDoz was the generic category description for caffeine alertness aids, but through benign neglect, had nearly disappeared from store shelves. Lil’ Drug Stores purchased the brand in 2018 and tasked Preston Kelly with relaunching it, but at minimal cost.


NoDoz works like all caffeine aids, but against mega brands Red Bull, Monster and 5-Hour Energy, NoDoz was losing share and retailers’ confidence. Our Good Brand Index showed NoDoz users liked the effectiveness of caffeine pills to allow them to do more in their lives, they also liked its convenient form and clean ingredients.


The direction for the campaign was based on the premise that NoDoz is the secret weapon to help you conquer your world. Specifically, NoDoz is 200mg of what you need to power your day, without the caloric downsides and at a lower cost than other forms.


With only a capsule-sized budget vs. competitors, we focused where our users live, online. The streamlined website is a gateway into the social conversation, highlighting surprising comparisons between NoDoz and competitors. Ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube tapped into the lifestyles and side-hustles of hard workers who also work out, play, perform, love hobbies and need a boost to do it all.


Halfway through the first year of the campaign:

  • 20% growth at major (key) retailers
  • 12% growth overall
  • Coupon print rates increased by 33%
  • Social content saw high engagement, exceeding industry benchmarks by 12-26% with efficient CPMs.
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