Nick Universe

Nickelodeon Universe is the indoor theme park at Mall of America and helps draw over 37-million visitors a year – more than the entire city of Las Vegas.


Even with thrilling new rides, the profitable teen audience was avoiding Nick Universe, still associating it with Camp Snoopy, its diaper-crowd predecessor. Teens were looking for LMAO experiences to share with friends.


Give teens a reason to hit the mall by demonstrating the amped-up intensity and memorability of the new rides.


We want your scream. So says our Iconic anti-hero the Scream Collector. He is a scientist and screamologist lurking in his lab high above the mall collecting the screams of unsuspecting teens.


  • Revenue soared almost 19% over prior year.
  • 24,000 Scream Chaser passes were sold in 2 months.
  • Facebook fanbase grew by 13% in the first 10 days.