Medtronic – Ask the ICD

Despite the potentially life-saving treatment offered by Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICDs), market leader Medtronic saw a growing number of patients resisting the therapy.


Heart patients wanted to know everything about ICDs, but weren’t comfortable asking their cardiologists the more awkward questions – especially regarding sex. So patients turned to the Internet. And so did we.


To alleviate fear and anxiety, patients needed a resource where they could get all the answers to their ICD questions, no matter how personal. The online experience had to be unbiased, unbranded and in layman’s terms.

imagine not only includes more than 500 questions and answers covering every aspect of life with an implanted device, it does so in a way that’s friendly, fun and technologically inviting.


Medtronic doesn’t share business data, but to date, web analytics have exceeded expectations for site visits and time spent on the site. Additionally, was nominated for a 2015 Webby, an annual honor bestowed on only 5 health websites in the world.

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