Case Study


Case Study


50% of kitchens don’t have a disposer. Why?

Despite the positive benefits of ownership, only half of U.S. households currently have food-waste disposers. Market-leader InSinkErator was interested in convincing the other half that they were missing out.


After researching barriers to disposer purchase, we sought to reframe the purchasing decision: To remind our target what they were dealing with now, and the good things that could happen as a result of having a disposer.


The best things disposers do is keep you from handling smelly garbage. TV designed to drive traffic to a test market microsite, supported by digital, print, SEM, PR and events.


We made the learning around smelly garbage welcome for consumers using amusing raccoons attracted to trash in non-disposer homes. Our campaign microsite broke down barriers by guiding users through the evaluation process. The content gave helpful entertaining tips.


  • In test markets, the Stop The Raccoons campaign increased engagement over SEM-only markets by a whopping six times.
  • Digital drove 43,000 sessions reaching a 22% goal completion rate.
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