Case Study

CHI Franciscan

Case Study

CHI Franciscan

Can healthcare heal an entire region?

In health care communications there are lots of smiling doctors and smiling patients. And not much else to differentiate a brand. We set out to change the health care paradigm.


Annual client research and stakeholder interviews suggested an organizational merger had lead to lower patient satisfaction. Operational improvements would take time. But ongoing wellness initiatives were well attended and well liked, and Preston Kelly’s Good Brand Index showed deep-seated regional pride.


Give the system time to achieve operational excellence by creating a wellness-based health movement. Patients will appreciate good health advice and feel pride in their state, themselves and, over time, CHI Franciscan as a caring partner.


In weeks, Preston Kelly developed the Northwest Healthy brand, including graphics, guidelines and the biggest internal launch campaign in company history. We followed up with a multimedia campaign, digital health hub, signage, POP, sports partnerships with four major league teams and Northwest healthy events.


  • Awareness of CHI Franciscan up 26%.
  • Positive employee scores up from 35% to 76%.
  • Employee acceptance and engagement shown through hundreds of photos posted wearing NW Healthy t-shirts.
  • Positive social media comments up 78% over year one.
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