January 28, 2016

As Paul Revere would say if he were riding today, “Mobile is coming! Mobile is coming!”

How many times as marketers have we heard that mobile is the next big thing? Well after recently attending MobCon and currently working with some of our clients on mobile programs, I think we can safely say that mobile has indeed finally arrived.

According to the Pew Research Center in 2015, 64% of American adults now own a smartphone, up from 25% just four years ago. That’s “hockey stick market growth.

Not only do two-thirds of us have them, we have become “smartphone dependent.”  Recent research from Forrester indicates that smartphone users in the U.S. pick up their phones an average of 160+ times per day. So if you are awake 16 hours a day, that means you are picking up your phone ten times every hour!

Think about your own experience. Do you see people picking up their smartphone during a meeting? At a restaurant? Walking down the street, or even while driving a car? While sitting on a park bench? Sadly I can say that I have done each of these and many more. However, I personally refuse to use my smartphone in the bathroom–but I know some of you are probably reading this in there now.

What do you think this affinity for smartphones is doing to our attention span? Last year a study by Microsoft reported that the human attention span was down to 8 seconds. Compare it to the average attention span for a goldfish at 9 seconds.

In 2016, the average time on a mobile device will be up to three hours and eight minutes a day.  The only media vehicle garnering more of our attention is TV at just under four hours.

Clearly there are some powerful reasons why mobile should be the first thing we think about as marketers:

1) Mobile is the device of choice for our most profitable consumers.

2) Consumers are increasingly doing more e-commerce via mobile devices.

3) Social media usage is primarily driven by mobile devices.

4) If your consumer target is under 35, you need to reach them with a mobile first approach.

Here is some food for thought that we use with our clients to begin the dialogue about mobile:

1) How can a mobile experience deepen our brand’s engagement with our consumers?

2) What can we do as a brand to surprise and delight our consumers?

3) How can our brand more effectively communicate to our consumers via mobile?

Let’s all challenge ourselves to answer these important questions so we can all jump on the mobile bandwagon with success.

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