The Good Outdoors

How high is up?

What does success look like?

Are we going far, or fast enough to win?

If you’re part of a modern outdoor or sporting goods company these are the questions you’re constantly asking.

We know retail, gear, and competitive sports inside and outside. And we know how to make work that is as high-performance, exciting and welcome in people’s lives as the brands you’re building.


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Good Wins

Why would you consider Preston Kelly with your next critical marketing initiative? Well, as you might expect, we do everything a modern marketing company does. From brand strategy to content development, to analytics and optimization. But unlike other agencies, our work is guided by a simple belief: Good Wins.

Modern outdoor brands must create work that is welcome in people’s lives. Respects an outdoor enthusiast’s time and intelligence. And is built upon an overt and motivating purpose-driven foundation.

Why? Eighty percent of consumers say they’d be more likely to purchase from an organization that shows it makes a positive difference in people’s lives. Good brands succeed to the tune of 9x share of wallet. And consumers say the trustworthiness of a brand is two times more important than cost while making purchase decisions.

That’s winning in anybody’s book.

Our culture is being reshaped by significant forces, and even enthusiast brands are finding it harder to find a relevant voice. The solution? Give people a reason to care, a reason to actually feel good about their purchase decisions.

Preston Kelly developed our own, first-of-its-kind, national study called the Good Brands Index℠.

With over 1000 national interviews, this index can be a catalyzing guide for making your marketing approach more focused, progressive and successful. This new process can:

  • Pinpoint exactly what your brand is doing that resonates with customers, and what doesn’t
  • Identify the key attributes of your brand in a way that allows focus on the most meaningful advantages and vulnerabilities within your competitive set
  • Determine how the perceived value of “good” qualities vary by age, gender, income, background, and other demographics

Gives a simple metric score that correlates how “good” your brand is now versus industry competitors

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Let’s partner for good.

Good Case Studies

Three quick examples of how good is winning now.

Par Aide is the US leader in premium golf course accessories. But recent competitor improvements at lower prices were hurting sales.

Our challenge was to help retake the design high ground, support industry influencers and deepen our relationship with Golf Course Superintendents.

Par Aide Case Study >>

Northstar Canoes was founded in 2015 by legendary Kevlar craftsman Ted Bell.

Our challenge was to launch the brand to an enthusiast audience on a start-up budget.

Northstar Canoes Case Study >>

Pure Fishing is a global leader in fishing equipment. Berkley Gulp!, is a revolutionary soft bait that outperforms live bait test after test.

Our challenge? Drive awareness among avid anglers.

Pure Fishing Case Study >>

Let’s do good together.

Meet with us to talk about how a Good Wins strategy might elevate your brand by better defining your performance, personality and purpose.

The hour and conversation is on us.


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