Campaign reframes disposer consideration

September 11, 2014

Approximately half the households in the U.S. have a food waste disposer in their kitchens. In an effort to reach the unconverted, Minneapolis marketing agency Preston Kelly has developed an integrated campaign for InSinkErator, the world’s largest manufacturer of disposers.

Research indicated smelly, messy garbage as a universal consumer problem. The television spots were shot using a trained troupe of menacing raccoons as a symbol for the unsavory pests food garbage attracts. As the raccoon tribe parties in the trash, InSinkErator disposers by contrast, easily eliminate smelly garbage and the problems that come with it.

“If you don’t already have a modern garbage disposer, you don’t know what you’re missing,” said Chris Preston, EVP/Creative Director of Preston Kelly. “With this campaign, we change the argument by dramatizing the downside of that ignorance and bringing out the clean, quiet benefits of the modern disposer.”

The media mix includes television spots, digital display advertising, social media and content creation/media relations. All these efforts drive traffic to a microsite Preston Kelly created to provide education to the uninitiated. The site also addresses another campaign objective, which is to encourage current disposer owners to upgrade to an Evolution Series food waste disposer. Evolution Series disposers can grind more types of food and the loudest thing you may hear is the water running. The microsite also features installation tips, product comparisons and customer testimonials.

“People who haven’t already considered a disposer are hard to convince,” said Carol Baricovich, Director of Global Brand Communications and Government Relations at InSinkErator. “With Preston Kelly’s help, we believe our iconic raccoon nemesis will grab their attention and put InSinkErator disposers into serious consideration for a clean, modern kitchen.”

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